Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whoa, Man, I Exist

Not that anyone besides me reads this, but whatever....

Anyhow, I'm alive, and kicking. Quick update?

1. I turned 17, back in June. Yeah....I'll be 17 1/2 in a couple of weeks. Yep, I'm behind.
2. I think I was in the hospital again since I wrote this. Weird.
3. I started my Senior year of HS. Oh joy.

That's about it. I'm not a very exciting person. I guess.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Sexy List

So, my friend Katie is doing a list, so I thought I would too. Of course, mine is DRASTICALLY different from hers, but that's okay. :D

1. Viggo Mortensen

First of all, I feel I must share this. Viggo is 50 years old, and he looks better EVERY DAY!!! He is gorgeous. Plus, he not only acts, he sings, he writes, and he plays music. I love him.

2. Matthew Bellamy

Matthew Bellamy is beautiful. He has a beautiful voice, he plays guitar and piano beautifully, and he is beautiful. I love him.

3. Johnny Depp

Johnny is hot. End of story.

4. Chris Woolstenholme

Chris' smile is amazing. Plus, he's cute. :D

5. Aragorn

Yes, I know this picture is Viggo in costume, but I love the character of Aragorn. Plus, Viggo deserves to be on here twice, no matter how indirectly.

6. Adam Lambert

Yes, I know he looks just like every other alternative singer, but that is not why he is on here. He has a very different voice, and I love it. I hate people who are all the same. He stands out, and that's hot.

7. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is sexy. And he's a pretty good actor, so that's a plus.

8. Link

Yeah, I know he's a fictional character, but he's still hot. :D

9. Marth

Yeah, he's fictional too. But he's still hot. :D

10. George Clooney

He's sexy. I love his smile. :D